Who Wants to Jam with Us?

In the music world, a “jam” is an informal gathering of musicians to improvise songs together. In the blogging world, BlogJam operates much to the same tune.

At BlogJam we welcome all voices from the blogging community because we know you all have unique and interesting ideas to contribute.

We are writing this melody together! 

In previous years, our “top tracks” included so many fun perspectives. Heather from Laptops to Lullabies had everyone tapping their toes and laughing at her description of a one woman office party.



Dan Murray of Your Restoration Coach brought the sweet tunes on video production.



Following Vicki Murphy of Motherfumbler’s keynote in 2015, we’ll all be forever humming her not-so-dulcet tones when we ask ourselves about anything weird and wonderful in the world of mothering and blogging.

No matter what your instrument of choice – laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone – there’s room for you at this jam session.

Want to jam with us?

Click here to get your ticket to BlogJam Atlantic 2017 today.

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