Sunday Workshop Leader: Mike Tanner

A Map For All Seasons: Deep Work For Bloggers

Deep Work for Bloggers is all about focus. We will work on fleshing out the things that diminish our work and moving forwards in understanding the best way for YOU to get your best work done. We will engage on topics including productivity, social media, saying no, saying yes, and how to balance our lives and our work in a way that actually works.



Mike Tanner is a blogger, conference organizer, podcaster, web developer, business coach, social media consultant, and full time father of two. Last year he wrote his first book on productivity, Really Little Wins and will do yoga at some point during this presentation. He will probably also start a new podcast and come up with 37 new blog ideas during this session.


Twitter: @oneredcatmedia


Instagram: @oneredcatmedia

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