Preserve Speaker: Tonya Darlington

Delegate & Breathe: Find the Courage to Ask for Help and Start Looking After You

With over twelve years of experience in executive assistant support roles, Tonya understands that managing a business, whether that be a large organization with a whole team or a home-based blog of one, requires support. Tonya also knows that we can better care for our business and ourselves when we find the courage to ask for help. In this session, Tonya will walk you through the steps needed to delegate and breathe. With her unique Task Tracker Tool, she will help you identify areas of your business that you can hand off, discuss how to find the support needed, and what this investment in you and your business can look like. She also will provide tips and tools for creating space to come up for air and start better looking after you (now that you have help in managing the daily details).

Tonya is a lover of all things “east coast” and is grateful to be managing two local businesses, a virtual assistant & consulting company as well as a driving School, from her Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia based home. She spends her days providing support and consultation to other dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to delegate their daily activities and start focusing more time on looking after themselves – an incredibly important piece for every successful business owner. Tonya also enjoys working on her “My Retreat Journey” passion project, walking the beaches with her dog Lucy, and planning her family’s next trip.


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