Preserve Speaker: Tisha Parker Kemp

10 Tell-Tale Signs of Rookie Presenters (and How to Avoid Them!)

You are the subject matter expert of your blog. Because of that, you are perfectly poised to share that body of knowledge from a stage so you reach more people with your message. Learn how to elevate your awesomeness and rock the podium, even if the podium hasn’t found you yet. Presentation skills can be learned by ‘trial and error’ or learned from the Masters; the latter will save time, reduce stress, and build confidence. Join Tisha as she shares some of the most impactful strategies for presenting like a BOSS!

Tisha Parker Kemp is a talent development executive and adult education professional with over 20 years’ experience in the end-to-end management of training programs, including 17 years in the online learning space. She inspires people to learn new skills using proven strategies and current and emerging research-based methodologies for teaching and learning. Tisha is the Founder of shiftED Academy Inc., a training and consulting organization helping subject matter experts elevate their awesomeness. She believes that having good presentation skills is the secret to pay increases, promotions, and powerful career shifts, so she helps people rock the podium, even if the podium hasn’t found them yet.


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