Preserve Speaker: Rebecca Wilson

Research Tools and Strategies for Fact-Based Blogging

Do you crave substance in your posts? Tired of stumbling across articles that are just endless cycles of the same information? In this session, we’ll look at some of the tools that researchers use that can be swiped by bloggers to help put together more informative, unique, and fact-based blog posts. We’ll brainstorm a blog post and research questions together to explore the process of pulling together information and presenting it to our audience. We’ll also talk about ethical sharing, reusing, and citing to keep you out of legal hot water! Attendees will receive a resource list and workflow template from this session.

Rebecca Wilson is a blogger, author, and business owner from Hubbards, N.S. After working as a university lecturer and researcher, she became an entrepreneur with the goal of finding creative fulfillment, and helping others to do the same. Rebecca is the owner of South Shore Sea Salt and The Lucky Sprout Studio, and teaches others how to start creative businesses through The Sprout School. She’s also an avid thrifter, painter, and moss expert!


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