Preserve Speaker: Duane Jones

Exceptional Pressure

This session will discuss diversity and inclusion from the perspective of a Black immigrant with big goals. It will dig into the pressure one feels to be exceptional, what that means for quality of life, and the creative work that can emerge as a result of this. It will question our societal perception of where we are in diversity and inclusion and suggest how we can move forward.

Duane is the founder of a clothing brand called Art Pays Me, known for designs that comment on social justice and creative empowerment. He’s also host of a podcast with the same name that features interviews with creatives from diverse backgrounds who share their stories and advice. Duane does brand consulting under Glitterati Communications, and is Manager of Records and Information Management for the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine. To keep his creative muscles active, Duane makes art regularly and participates in gallery and or fashion exhibitions multiple times a year.


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