Preserve Speaker: Ashley MacInnis

Is Your Voice in Key?

Singers, voice actors, and announcers spend hours, days, months – heck, YEARS, working on and perfecting their voices through practice, trial, and error. What about writers? Establishing your brand voice is as important to writers and brands as singing in key is to Beyonce – and I think we can agree, Beyonce knows what’s up. Understanding that our written voice requires as much training and practice as singing our scales or arpeggios is key (PUN INTENDED) to establishing a strong and recognizable brand voice. Then there’s the added challenge of switching key to match the tune (SORRY – I can’t stop myself) of our clients’ through sponsored posts or advertising campaigns. Learn how to establish your brand voice – or maybe just hit a new note – to bring more of you to your writing.

Ashley is a marketing manager with a blogging habit. She’s been rocking the “mommy blogger” badge since her son’s birth in 2010, and has the propensity to get a little feisty from time to time. She’s a storyteller by nature and was recognized by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Best Use of Social Media in 2015. When she’s not helping clients nail their branding and launch campaigns, Ashley can be found teaching cardio box classes, practicing Pilates, freezing her butt off in a hockey rink somewhere, singing in her car, or enjoying a beer with her partner and dog.


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