Preserve Speaker: Angela Harris

Creating Community to Make an Impact

Angela Harris, Founder of Work of Heart, will discuss how to build an engaged community and, more importantly, how to make a difference while doing it. She will cover the role of making real connections and of being vulnerable in the ever-changing world online. Angela will share stories of her experiences with people and businesses both online and offline as the Work of Heart community has grown. This will be a thought provoking workshop meant to help you reflect and to step outside your comfort zone. In the same way that Angela encourages people to follow their hearts, she will help you dig deep and to think about the impact you’d like to make in the world.

Connector, relationship builder and coach, Angela Harris is the award winning founder of Work of Heart, a business and movement created to empower and inspire people to be their best, to do their best and to live their best life. Angela started her career as an Athletic Trainer in the Canadian Football League, because of her passion for sports and partly because so many people told her she couldn’t do it as a female. Over the last 25 years, Angela has had the privilege to impact hundreds of athletes and people in pursuing their goals and dreams. Her mission in life is simply to make a difference…every day.


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