Preserve Panel: We Deserve to Be Paid (Just Don’t Ask Me How Much)

Pricing your work as a creative entrepreneur, influencer, or blogger opens the door for many conversations about fair compensation, valuing our services, and the ever-present offer of “exposure.” The problem is that, unlike nearly every other recognized profession, there are few public resources that indicate an average salary or hourly rate for these types of services.

This panel will throw decorum out the window to pull the much-needed salary conversation out of the shadows and onto the dinner table as we serve up the question: “how much money can you make as a blogger?”

Meet the Panelists:

Ruth Ann Swansburg


The founder of Ruth Ann Swansburg & Co., a company focussed on connecting businesses and influencers in Atlantic Canada. This is her passion and it has snowballed from her event, BBLink, co-founded by Michelle Collins, to a social media and influencer management company in the last 6 months. Through her blog at, she has created a community resource helping families with frugal living tips, meal planning and making real connections with where they are from. Sharing the highlight reel and the reality “behind the scenes” is what makes her relatable and creates a strong connection with her audience.


Sara MacIsaac

Sara is the creative force, co-founder and no BS truth-talking boss babe behind Dashboard Living and Dashboard Media that she runs with her husband Brent. In the front of the house, they work as travel media and best life advocates aiming to inspire others to go after the life they want and behind the scenes they work with business to create meaningful content strategies that actually convert fans & followers to paying customers.


Nicole Gallant

Nicole has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with digital products, to attract qualified customers, for almost 20 years. Her passion is helping and supporting clients achieve thier business goals. In 2015 she opned her own marketing and sales boutique agency. Today she is proud of what she has accomplished and is excited where her path is taking her.


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