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From Cringe to Courage

There was a time when the thought of working with a professional photographer made me cringe. The fear of having someone reveal my insecurities was never something I wanted to participate in. Growing older has helped me face this daunting task with a lot more courage. I give fewer fu..dgsicles than I used to; keeping it clean for the kid’s folks! But you know what I mean. Another easy way to face a photophobia is to find yourself a great photographer.

Photo c/o Unsplash Samantha Sophia

Fearless Female

Enter the lovely Michelle Doucette. When the BlogJam Atlantic team invited this fearless female to be our official photographer we couldn’t believe she said yes. Not only did she cover our 2016 event she also participated in our food blogger panel session. Michelle’s blog,  East Coast Food Stories is where she “documents food culture in celebration of the traditions and innovations of people who are passionate about food.

East Coast Food Stories

Making me Hungry

Besides making me hungry, Michelle’s work covers portrait, lifestyle, wedding and event photography. You may have seen her work while covering Open City Halifax, City Harvest, just to name a couple. She has been featured in The Chronicle Herald and Eat This Town. Most recently she invited us along to her Bedford studio to snap a few photos for our BlogJam Atlantic website reboot.

Us three ladies were tickled pink when Michelle offered up her valuable time to capture our mugs. Ba-dum ching! But seriously… Michelle made us feel comfortable and took her time to make sure we felt at ease. There was no cringing involved. We all felt like we were in good hands.

Krista’s Creative Side

First up, Krista Montelpare our creative director. It would be heard to find a shot of Krista where she isn’t grinning from ear to ear. Her smile speaks volumes and is quite contagious when you are in her presence.

“Michelle is an amazingly talented photographer! She is easy and fun to work with but her attention to detail will make sure that the staging and poses will produce the best possible images. The headshots she did of my team were excellent. Highly recommend!” 

You can read more about Krista’s beautiful smile on her blog www.halitrax.com.

Kerra the Social Butterfly

Ms. Kerra, our social butterfly, is not one to stay still for too long. Michelle was able to hone in our busy social media gal and bring out her soulful side.

“Working with Michelle was a dream. Not only did she come on board to work with BlogJam, but I had previously hired her to shoot a portfolio for my own business, KA Social Media.”

Check out Kerra’s blog Eat, Drink and Be You to find out what has been keeping her busy these days.

Renée the Writer

That would be me, the writer of this post, I am also the program director for BlogJam Atlantic. Working with Michelle was a pleasure indeed; blogging about it came quite naturally. I had been a fan of her work long before I had the pleasure of being caught in front of her lens. When I first met Michelle she generously shared her Rousseau chocolates with me. If you have ever tried their exquisite wares you will know just how difficult it can be to give away such decadent treats. I was but a stranger and she made me feel like a friend. That is the magic that Michelle brings to work with her; she exudes kindness.

On the day of our shoot, Michelle brought out my fun side despite feeling hot and itchy. You can read more about my hot mess by visiting my blog at www.rhdowns.com.

Michelle Doucette Photography

Now enough about me and back to the lady that inspired this post. As you can see, Michelle has one of those smiles that can light up a dark room. (I had to get at least one more pun in.) But she also has the unique ability to quietly blend in with the crowd while capturing the essence of a busy event. Her professionalism is unmatched.

Photo c/o Lyndsay Doyle

Michelle is busier than a bee these days with many wonderful dishes, weddings, and events already on her calendar to shoot. Please do not let that stop you from contacting her though. Working with this fabulous photographer will surely make your day. Please follow this link for Michelle’s contact details.

Our Team

The BlogJam team would like to thank Michelle for making us look good. Personally, I would like to thank her for this shot below. It is my absolute favourite from the session. It no doubt tells the story of a working relationship that has become a treasured friendship. BlogJam works because we all work well together. Michelle caught that synergy perfectly, don’t ya think?

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