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Meet your MCs for BlogJam 2018

Day One MC: Mike Tanner


Mike Tanner is a blogger, conference organizer, podcaster, web developer, business coach, social media consultant, and full time father of two. Last year he wrote his first book on productivity, Really Little Wins and will do yoga at some point during BlogJam 2018.  He will probably also start a new podcast and come up with 37 new blog ideas over the weekend.

Day One MC: Inda Intiar


Khairunnisa Intiar, who usually goes by Inda, is an Indonesian who has called Canada home for the past nine years. She is the Moncton reporter for Saint John-based media company Huddle Today, covering stories related to business and entrepreneurship in New Brunswick. She is the co-founder of Woven Cultures, a diversity and inclusion project for children and youth. She currently sits on the board of Dialogue NB, a non-profit aimed at strengthening social cohesion in New Brunswick. Inda has been involved in various initiatives related to diversity and inclusion, interfaith dialogue, youth empowerment, and truth and reconciliation in Canada, as well as education projects for children in Indonesia. Having lived her life across eight countries, she is passionate about building bridges between peoples, sustainable economic development, education and social welfare.

Day Two MC: Ali Breen


Millennials Career Coach Ali Breen believes that your career can and should be a reflection of who you are and how you want to be in the world. She uses story-based, narrative coaching to help people get clear about what they want and how and when they can actually get it. As a past corporate recruiter and bilingual career practitioner in non-profit employment centres, Ali has experience from both sides of the Career Management table. With 8+ years in the career and human resources fields, Ali is certified as a Holistic Narrative Career Professional. She has brought her energy and expertise as a presenter to Cannexus, PodCamp, BlogJam, Fusion Halifax, Clean NS, NS Career Development Association and countless workshop rooms.


Stretching and Sunday Morning Zumba with Suzi Fevens

Seventh Inning Stretch

Join certified yoga instructor Suzi Fevens as she takes us through a seated stretch and yoga routine we can do right from our office chairs to help us to help us limber-up after a long day of working at the computer (or learning at a conference!). We will follow our stretch by learning some simple breathing and relaxation techniques we can use anytime we need to relax, de-stress or simply wind-down after a long day. This session will be the perfect way to freshen your body and mind mid-conference day!


Some of the most important things we can do for our mind is to try new things, dance, have fun, and laugh! Licensed Zumba Instructor Suzi Fevens as we kick off Sunday morning doing all of the above! Whether you are a Zumba newbie or a veteran, you are sure to have fun at this latin dance-inspired workout. Suzi is going to kick off the session with a short basic step break down so even if you’ve never heard of Zumba before, you’ll be moving and grooving with the best of them! Who knows, you may just find your new favourite form of stress-busting!

If you already have your BlogJam Ticket, RSVP for Sunday Zumba by clicking here.



Suzi Fevens is an award-winning fitness and yoga instructor and blogger from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Suzi focuses on helping others become friends with their body again through breath, movement and self-care. Through her classes, online programs and social media presence, she focuses on helping others re-connect and become friends with their body again. Taking her blogger hat off to present fitness-focused sessions at BlogJam this year is fulfilling a dream she’s had for many years and she is so excited to be able to share “that other thing she does” with her peers.



Instagram: @suziconfesses

Sunday Workshop Leader: Terrence Taylor

This session will focus on the tools required to develop and share compelling and engaging stories for video and audio platforms. We will talk about what it means to be “creative” and how to find your own voice, in a world where everyone is trying to be heard. We will discuss the basics of story, from film to tv to literature and study the traditional structures of a story and how they can be used in 2018. The session will focus on participants seeking safe ways to be authentic and vulnerable, finding your truth and discuss ways to allow strangers on the internet into your personal life, to whatever level that you deem comfortable.



Terrence Taylor is a filmmaker, content producer and entrepreneur who accidentally realized the power of storytelling through entrepreneurship. Terrence’s focus is to empower artistic people to monetize their hobbies, skills and passions to live more sustainable lives as creative individuals. He is the founder of the production company Terrence Taylor Media, which specializes in creating promotional video content for businesses, as well as podcast production. TTM’s debut audio production is the Changing the Narrative Podcast, which shares the stories and experience of three Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs of colour and how they navigate their personal and professional lives and find the balance of art, career and life, while also commentating on pop culture, race, music, and business.


Instagram: @watchTTM

Soundcloud: CTN Podcast

Sunday Workshop Leader: Mike Tanner

A Map For All Seasons: Deep Work For Bloggers

Deep Work for Bloggers is all about focus. We will work on fleshing out the things that diminish our work and moving forwards in understanding the best way for YOU to get your best work done. We will engage on topics including productivity, social media, saying no, saying yes, and how to balance our lives and our work in a way that actually works.



Mike Tanner is a blogger, conference organizer, podcaster, web developer, business coach, social media consultant, and full time father of two. Last year he wrote his first book on productivity, Really Little Wins and will do yoga at some point during this presentation. He will probably also start a new podcast and come up with 37 new blog ideas during this session.


Twitter: @oneredcatmedia


Instagram: @oneredcatmedia

Featured Speaker: Dylan Mahaney

How to Go Viral

Going viral is a tough thing to do, but it’s an exciting form of recognition that we’d all love to achieve. This fun session will not just focus on ways to reach new audiences, but also on how to leverage instant fame into a long term following. Be sure to join Dylan, flossing REALTOR, while he shares what worked for him and how you can apply it to your brand.

Dylan Mahaney was the summer’s most talked about REALTOR…and for all the right reasons? Wanting to get the most exposure for a new listing, he accidentally became a viral flosser. Featured on CTV’s your morning, CTV News Channel, CBC Radio, Global News, and many others, Dylan has harnessed and grown engagement through this unique, niche following.

CTV News Interview:


Featured Speaker: Darlene Moore

Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to increase your affiliate income. In this session, we’ll look at using Google Tag Manager to set up events within Google Analytics and turning events into goals. Once you have goals enabled, you will be able to see which specific posts or pages of your website are leading to the most clicks to the sites you are promoting as an affiliate. You can also determine which channels of traffic are driving the most traffic to those specific pages! Knowing this, you can decide to put more effort into “the 20%” that drives revenue rather than just traffic!

Darlene has been on the internet since before Windows was an operating system on home computers. She has worked in many fields of marketing including affiliate marketing and now in search marketing. She is the owner of Ottawa-based DriveTraffic Digital Marketing and is a 17 year veteran in the search marketing industry. Darlene got her start in some very popular and controversial industries where she did email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads (aka Adwords, PPC or Pay Per Click).


Twitter: @drivetraffic 


2018 Keynote Speaker: Vanessa Paesani

Changing Culture – One Story at a Time

Culture is one of those things that’s hard to put your finger on, though people can feel its impacts – at its simplest, it is how people interact with one another and the stories they tell themselves and each other. We can change culture by giving people tools to talk about it – to be intentional about what values are being amplified through our words and behaviours. Amplify’s mission is to hear the stories of women, in their own voices – one story at a time. Join Amplify’s creator and curator, Vanessa Paesani, to hear the story of why Amplify East was started and the lessons learned along the way. She can’t wait to connect with you and hear about your journey in blogging too!



Vanessa Paesani believes in a future where gender doesn’t restrict opportunity – for anyone. She launched Amplify East in early 2018 because she knows there isn’t a supply problem of remarkable women in Atlantic Canada – or really anywhere, for that matter. This blog-project is amplifying the stories of women because diverse and positive role models are critical to the stories we tell ourselves about what’s possible. She was recently invited to deliver a TEDx on the topic and is so looking forward to connecting with like-minded people at BlogJam Atlantic this year!


Twitter: @AmplifyEast

Instagram: @AmplifyEast


Featured Speaker: Jason Tremere

Find What Your Audience Wants with SEO

Google answers questions all day about what people are looking for on the web. Do you know what keywords they are using? Do you know how many people are looking for this content monthly? Do you know how competitive this topic is? This session will help you answer these questions using both free & paid tools. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part art and part science. When you shape your content around what your audience is looking for, there is a much better chance they will find you.



Jason Tremere is a “multi-passionate.” He’s a Website and Video Production Coordinator by day and Blogger at by night. Jason is an author published online on Amazon and in Chapters stores locally. He has been playing with SEO for years and discovered that achieving ranking on page 1 of Google is not that hard. All it takes is patience and the right tools. If you have the patience, he’ll show you how to use the tools.


Twitter: @JasonTremere

Featured Speaker: Chris Cloney

Explosion & Flame – Lessons Learned From Building a Blog Business While Completing a PhD

In this session, Chris will describe his journey from starting a website blogging about his academic research to launching a research company focused on reducing the impact of industrial fires and explosions around the world. Chris will cover what it looks like to truly be the first person in your niche online, why every graduate student and person with expertise should have a blog, how to build and monetize an online personal brand in a traditionally offline industry, and how to create a team to drive your business forward.



Dr. Chris Cloney recently completed his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at Dalhousie University. His focus was on industrial safety around fire and explosion prevention in industries handling powdered materials. Through blogging during his research, he was able to create a personal brand in his field and launch his own online company after graduation.


Instagram: @gradblogger

Twitter: @gradblogger


Featured Speaker: Crystal Richard

How to Successfully Run Your Dream Business While Travelling the World

This session is for content creators, bloggers, influencers, and dream chasers who want to see the world while building their empire and discover tips and tricks to creating and running your dream business from wherever you are in the world. Motivated by freedom and flexibility, Crystal chose entrepreneurship to create the life of her dreams, be a successful beach bum and travel as much as possible. At BlogJam, she’s excited to share her strategies and tools to run your business, blog, or side hustle from anywhere, including conferences, beaches or new continents. You will learn everything from how to effectively manage clients and brand expectations when you’re in a different time zone to how you can ACTUALLY feel like you’re on vacation while you’re traveling for business. Because, yes. It IS possible to be on vacation ON your workation. It’s time for less hustle, more siesta.



Crystal is the President of Crystal Richard & Co. a global digital PR consulting biz helping entrepreneurs and brands create and tell stories to attract a tribe of raving fans and the co-author of Get Covered! A highly successful beach bum, she’s the Content Creator behind travel + lifestyle blog East Coast Mermaid and the Founder of Sandy Toes, a coastal apparel line created in Atlantic Canada. She spends her summers island hopping across the East Coast and her winters living the digital nomad life in hot, salty, escapes as much as possible, all while running her companies from her current locale.



Instagram: @crystal_catherine

Twitter: @crystalcrichard