Featured Workshop: Natalie Davison

The Rise of Conscious Content
(Because Superficial Doesn’t Work Anymore)

In 2019, with more content being produced than ever before, online audiences are constantly fed perfectionist aesthetics, larger than life materialism and “fairytale dreams-come-true-if-you-just-buy-this-product.” Brands and influencers can easily fall into a routine of delivering content that continues to perpetuate disconnection and operate at a superficial level. Or, they can choose meaning and depth by raising the consciousness of their content.

Natalie Davison is a brand therapist, marketing educator, loud feminist and the co-founder of Marrow Marketing. Her signature blend of wild optimism and bold candor paints a picture of what’s possible while simultaneously embracing what’s actually true — understanding that in 2019 brands cannot escape their own truths. Natalie believes that selling doesn’t work anymore and if you’ll have her, she’ll tell you all about it.

Website: www.madeofmarrow.com

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