Featured Speakers: Madelaine Corke & Jennifer Gyuricska

Mindset and Marketing for Blog Success

Navigating the road towards success can be full of questions and second guessing — but real life examples can help to provide actionable advice to lead you down the best path. In this in-depth session, Jennifer & Madelaine will review three case studies to determine how mindset and marketing contributed to blogging success for others and translate those examples to help you with your own blogging and entrepreneurial endeavours.



Left: Madelaine Corke Right: Jennifer Gyuricska


Madelaine spent years climbing the corporate ladder and was miserable for it. These days, she’s happier and has more freedom having left the grind behind. Madelaine works with women on a deep, intimate level to help them launch a new business or structure an existing one in a way that supports the lifestyle they desire.

When Jennifer began to blog, she was new to the province and “wrote home” to deal with homesickness. The experience lead to the resources and confidence to start her own digital marketing agency, Prairie Telegraph.

Website: madelainecorke.com and www.prairietelegraph.com

Facebook: facebook.com/madelainecorke and facebook.com/prarietelegraph

Instagram: @madelaine.corke and @prarietelegrph

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