Featured Speaker: Suzi Fevens

Maintaining your Privacy (and Sanity) as a Public Figure

Bloggers, social media influencers and small business owners are more visible now than ever. In this age of 24/7 connectiveness, how do we maintain a level of privacy and a personal life while staying active and relevant online? With 10 years of experience navigating the waters as a small business owner and blogger, Suzi will share her tips and tricks for how she strikes a balance.

Suzi is a certified fitness instructor, nutrition coach, and healthy living blogger living in the Annapolis Valley, NS. She’s been self employed in the industry for a decade and has learned a lot along the way. After experiencing serious health issues due to teaching too many classes, she shifted her focus to turn her blog from a hobby into an income stream and has been working steadily ever since. Most recently she has completed trainings to become a trauma sensitive yoga instructor and is more dedicated than ever to helping as many people as possible achieve a balance in life that will allow them to enjoy more, stress less, and live a healthier life. And it all starts at our phones and computers – not exercise or salads required!


Twitter/Instagram: @suziconfesses

Facebook: fb.me/confessionsofafitnessinstructor

YouTube: youtube.com/suziconfesses

Pinterest: pinterst.com/suziconfesses

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