Featured Speaker: Sandra Currie-Samson

The Next Step: Turning Your Blog into A Course

The purpose of this session is to provide an opportunity for participants to discover how to share what they know with a larger audience to grow their business and increase their impact on others. During this session, we will discuss the value of creating a course from your blog, discover 5 questions you can use to design your course, and explore different techniques to engage, teach, and motivate your audience.

Sandra Currie-Samson is in the business of helping entrepreneurs and business leaders become masterful teachers so they can brilliantly engage their audience by understanding what motivates the adult learner and how to effectively achieve their desired outcomes.

She is a student of lifelong learning and her passion for learning is infectious allowing her to be an energetic and enthusiastic educator, trainer and facilitator – and she loves to help others be the same!

As a learning and development consultant with a M.Ed. in Studies of Lifelong Learning she has designed and facilitated training sessions for hundreds of participants. As well, she has led training on million-dollar technology implementations working with many large professional firms. Sandra is also an instructor in the Certificate of Adult Education at the College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University.

Twitter: @sassysolutions

Facebook: sandracurriesamson1

LinkedIn: sandracurriesamson

Website: sandracurriesamson.com


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