Featured Speaker: Ruth Ann Swansburg

Who Are You? A Look Behind The Scenes

Let’s chat about the REAL person behind the blog (YOU) and how you can connect with your readers by revealing more about yourself. Most people see the public persona that is presented through a blog, on the radio, tv and through social media channels, but there is always more to the person behind the screen or outside the camera frame. Over the past few years, Ruth Ann has been sharing more of the real life moments and feelings in her day to day life, and the response from her readers has been both overwhelming and inspiring. In this session she will discuss how much and what to share. By completing a few exercises as a group, she hopes it will help you find the perfect balance for you as a content creator. Let’s Get To Know You!



Ruth Ann has become a household name in Moncton and beyond, as “the Moncton Coupon Lady.” Although these days, she is sharing more than just coupons! Since 2012, Ruth Ann has presented various seminars across Atlantic Canada and has developed & facilitated a 10 week program, entitled “Food For Thought,” in partnership with the Province of NB. She shares her passion for helping others through blogging real life family moments, teaching seminars and sharing weekly videos from her kitchen.

Website: www.everythingunscripted.com

Facebook: facebook.com/everythingunscripted

Instagram: @ruthunscripted

Twitter: @ruthunscripted

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