Featured Speaker: Rémi Lefebvre

The Perspective of Balance

Learn to see the world through a new lens – a lens that cultivates efficiency, creativity, and productivity by identifying and destroying personal barriers (aka bad habits) to success. The Perspective of Balance is an energetic power-presentation that will help you take charge of your success and see things in a new light. Join Rémi as he identifies key stressors and shares proven ways of limiting how these stressors affect you and your professional output. Participants will leave this session equipped with the ability to ask the right questions, set goals, and carve out ideas on how to reach their true potential in an efficient way both at work and at home. Stop making excuses! Shift your perspective of balance and start amplifying your success, today!



Rémi is a classical pianist turned event producer and efficiency expert. His keen eye for patterns and ease in creating processes, workflows, and systems have helped him excel throughout his dynamic career. Currently, Rémi is the President of eSource Event Registration and a Senior Producer with ZedEvents great productions. He serves as Chair of the Board for the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia and Chair of the Board for the NSRMTA Trust – a charity he helped found that provides financial support to classical music educators and students in Nova Scotia…he also has time for a handful of hobbies and still manages quality time with his husband (almost) every single night. Let’s hear how he makes it all possible!

Website: esourceevent.com

Facebook: facebook.com/esourceevent

Instagram: @remidlefebvre

Twitter: @esourceevent and @rdlefebvre

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