Featured Speaker: Rebecca Stanisic

Small Fish, Big Ocean – How to Stand Up and Stand Out in the Crowded Online Landscape

There are many bloggers, writers, content creators and influencers in Canada. On social media, we are constantly being shown a new story, meme, post or image that wants our attention. As a blogger, it can feel overwhelming in this big ocean. But being a small fish doesn’t have to limit your growth or success. There are ways to navigate these waters to achieve your goals (even without the biggest numbers out there). Forget buying followers, forget gimmicks – the key to success is all about dedication, creativity, authenticity and quality. And sometimes, a necessary change.

You can position yourself as a leader and expert with a voice people want to hear. This session will share tips to help make you a leader in the blogging community, how to pivot as needed, and how to really stand out no matter how big or small you feel your blog is. Because while the waters may be large, and sometimes rough, you just need to keep on swimming (on a goal oriented path).



Rebecca has been blogging on her website A Little Bit of Momsense since 2009. In addition, she is a freelance writer, creates and plans digital content and helps other bloggers and small business owners navigate social media to improve their own content messaging, engagement and results. Rebecca has two children, loves supporting local (both at home and when travelling) and is a member of the United Way Ottawa’s GenNext advisory committee. She can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand and is likely at this very moment thinking about a Star Wars or Marvel movie storyline.

Website: bitofmomsense.com

Facebook: facebook.com/bitofmomsense

Instagram: @bitofmomsense

Twitter: @bitofmomsense

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