Featured Speaker: Mel Hattie

How To Create a Business Plan for Your Blog

Here you’ll learn what a business plan is and how to put one together to help turn your blog into a business, or if your blog is already a business, help you focus your efforts. That includes brainstorming your executive summary, coming up with an elevator pitch, putting together income streams, looking at your costs, and figuring out your market. Designed as a workshop — bring your paper and pens! Slides will be available for download afterwards.

Mel Hattie is an award-winning photographer, tea sommelier, and travel journalist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her work has been published by the CBC, Photographers Without Borders, the Globe & Mail, the Guardian, Post and Courier, The Coast, and Anthony Bourdain’s Roads & Kingdoms. On her blog, Mel Had Tea, she travels the world in search of the best cups of tea.

She holds a Master in Journalism New Ventures from the University of King’s College and works as a digital Content Marketing Manager for VERB Interactive in Halifax, Nova Scotia, working with travel clients and destinations around the world, leveraging the power of the internet to drive measurable business results.

Twitter/Instagram: @melhadtea

Facebook: MelHadTea

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