Featured Speaker: Julie Elsdon-Height

Pitch Perfect

Ever looked at another influencer and wondered how they got that AWESOME gig? Julie will delve into the aspects of PITCHING!! Roll up your sleeves and let’s dive into branding, media kits, offers and finding contacts! Fantastic partnerships don’t just happen, Julie will share some insights to help you develop your own pitch perfect approach.

Julie Elsdon-Height is co-founder of SJ Consulting, a digital marketing firm and founder of Life Straight Up! SoberJulie.com is a popular Canadian lifestyle blog established in 2010. Known as @SoberJulie online, Julie has been studying the online marketscape for a decade and is a wealth of knowledge for influencer/Brand relationships.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoberJulie

Twitter: @SoberJulie

Instagram: @soberjulie

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/soberjulie

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