Featured Speaker: Dylan Mahaney

How to Go Viral

Going viral is a tough thing to do, but it’s an exciting form of recognition that we’d all love to achieve. This fun session will not just focus on ways to reach new audiences, but also on how to leverage instant fame into a long term following. Be sure to join Dylan, flossing REALTOR, while he shares what worked for him and how you can apply it to your brand.

Dylan Mahaney was the summer’s most talked about REALTOR…and for all the right reasons? Wanting to get the most exposure for a new listing, he accidentally became a viral flosser. Featured on CTV’s your morning, CTV News Channel, CBC Radio, Global News, and many others, Dylan has harnessed and grown engagement through this unique, niche following.

CTV News Interview: facebook.com/CTVNewsChannel

Facebook: facebook.com/dylanmahaneycomedy

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