Featured Speaker: Darlene Moore

Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to increase your affiliate income. In this session, we’ll look at using Google Tag Manager to set up events within Google Analytics and turning events into goals. Once you have goals enabled, you will be able to see which specific posts or pages of your website are leading to the most clicks to the sites you are promoting as an affiliate. You can also determine which channels of traffic are driving the most traffic to those specific pages! Knowing this, you can decide to put more effort into “the 20%” that drives revenue rather than just traffic!

Darlene has been on the internet since before Windows was an operating system on home computers. She has worked in many fields of marketing including affiliate marketing and now in search marketing. She is the owner of Ottawa-based DriveTraffic Digital Marketing and is a 17 year veteran in the search marketing industry. Darlene got her start in some very popular and controversial industries where she did email marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads (aka Adwords, PPC or Pay Per Click).

Website: www.drivetraffic.ca

Twitter: @drivetraffic 

Facebook: facebook.com/drivetrafficdigitalmarketing

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