Featured Speaker: Crystal Picard

Kick-Starting Your Content Strategy Workshop

In this 30-minute workshop style presentation, you’ll receive a quick-start worksheet that will help simplify the process of niching down so you can cut through the planning paralysis of starting a blog and spend your time writing content instead. 

After this workshop, you will walk away with an understanding of how to develop a buyer persona, quickly generate post ideas, develop a sales funnel around your blog and plan your content distribution to get the most out of every post.

Crystal Picard is a graphic designer & digital marketer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She works one-on-one with small business owners who are looking to take their digital presence to the next level. Whether it’s developing a sales funnel or just the graphics to make their campaigns pop – Crystal’s hands-on experience brings creativity to the forefront of content marketing.

Twitter: @crystalpicard

LinkedIn: @crystalpicard

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