Featured Speaker: Chantal Routhier

How Storytelling Will Transform Your Business

Creating amazing content and knowing how to deliver can be a challenge. Chantal will walk you through how to create content that resonates. By sharing questions you need to ask yourself before every post. Tips on best ways to stay authentic and how to attract your ideal audience, and why your story matters.

Chantal is a Halifax based photographer. A self-proclaimed wild child of the East Coast, she loves adventures and laughter. She has been named Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada for 2015 & 2016,  and featured in People, Women’s Health, 100 Layercake, Phoblographer and numerous other international publications. What she loves is connecting most with inspiring people, a camera is how she shares their story with the world.

Instagram: @chantalrouthier

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chantalrouthierphotography

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