Featured Speaker: Anita Kirkbride

Cooking with Gas: How to Use Social Media to Promote your Blog

Social media and blogging go together like peanut butter and jam (oh yeah, I used a jam pun). What good is all the work you’re doing to put your amazeballs content together if nobody is coming to read it? Social media gas to the rescue (I’ll leave the other kind of gas to Alison Knott)! Join me to learn how to use the most common social networks to get more eyeballs on your blog.

When the first generation of bloggers emerged in the late 90s, Twirp Communications founder Anita Kirkbride carved out her own digital space and promptly decorated it with cardstock and rubber stamps. Her blogging career expanded from there, and now she shares everything she knows about social media at twirp.ca.

Twitter: @AnitaKirkbride

Facebook: Facebook.com/TwirpCommunications

Instagram: @TwirpCommunications

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