Featured Speaker: Andrew Burke

Adventures in Micro-Fame

Andy Warhol once said everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Instead it now feels like we’re all famous to fifteen people. The old “rich and famous contract” has been broken – you can be either one now, or often neither. This talk explores the new world of “micro-fame,” drawing from personal experience to share its pitfalls and sometimes surprising benefits.

Andrew Burke is a Halifax-based independent developer, teacher, speaker, and occasional entrepreneur. He has over 22 years of professional experience helping people and technology work better together. Among many other things, Andrew has built the top-charting iOS diary app Remembary, is a co-founder of “BeanCounter” a SAAS platform for the vending machine industry, and teaches web development at Lighthouse Labs. When he’s not doing that he is the main force behind “Starshipsstarthere.ca” a photoblog with over 400 pictures mashing up iconic science fiction imagery with equally iconic Nova Scotian scenery. This, along with his 1500 or so Twitter followers, has made him mildly #halifamous – an experience he will discuss in his talk.

Twitter: @ajlburke

Instagram: @stshipstarthere and @remembary

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