Featured Speaker: Alison Knott

Farting in the Wind: What Bloggers Need to Know about Google Analytics

Do not be afraid of Google Analytics! They’re critical in meeting your blogging goals – and Alison is here to help you understand them. No hot air in this presentation: only facts and helpful how-to’s…and the occasional fart joke.

Alison Knott is the owner of Eraserheader design, a one-stop web consultant and brand shop. She is a designer, national public speaker, instructor and coding queen with over a decade in the field. She turns the complicated simple, dreams in both RGB/CMYK, and prides herself on delighting those she works with. You can find great “What the hell do I do with my website now?” tips from her weekly Facebook live show Lunchpress.

Twitter: @eraserheader 

Facebook: Eraserheader Design

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