Featured Speaker: Suzi Fevens

Maintaining your Privacy (and Sanity) as a Public Figure

Bloggers, social media influencers and small business owners are more visible now than ever. In this age of 24/7 connectiveness, how do we maintain a level of privacy and a personal life while staying active and relevant online? With 10 years of experience navigating the waters as a small business owner and blogger, Suzi will share her tips and tricks for how she strikes a balance.

Suzi is a certified fitness instructor, nutrition coach, and healthy living blogger living in the Annapolis Valley, NS. She’s been self employed in the industry for a decade and has learned a lot along the way. After experiencing serious health issues due to teaching too many classes, she shifted her focus to turn her blog from a hobby into an income stream and has been working steadily ever since. Most recently she has completed trainings to become a trauma sensitive yoga instructor and is more dedicated than ever to helping as many people as possible achieve a balance in life that will allow them to enjoy more, stress less, and live a healthier life. And it all starts at our phones and computers – not exercise or salads required!


Twitter/Instagram: @suziconfesses

Facebook: fb.me/confessionsofafitnessinstructor

YouTube: youtube.com/suziconfesses

Pinterest: pinterst.com/suziconfesses

James Antonio Coffee

Blogger Perks

One of the best perks of being a BlogJammer is the amazing opportunities that often come our way when working with brands. A few months ago we attended a bloggers event in Toronto. It was there when we were first introduced to James Antonio Coffee.

Not Your Average Bean

Both Krista and I (Renée) consider ourselves to be coffee connoisseurs, which is why – with zero hesitation – we said yes to tasting some the finest coffee in the world. Hand-picked from award-winning plantations, high atop the mountains of Tarrazú’s Costa Rica, James Antonio Coffee is not your average grocery store bean.

Five Star Meal

Imagine dining out at your favourite steak house, enjoying a Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye; one would not be satisfied with just any cup of coffee as the epilog to their five-star meal. That is where James Antonio Coffee comes in.

Brewed with Love

James Antonio Coffee is 100% red cherries only and organically grown, from the fertile slopes of this Volcanic region. There, coffee plants find Nirvana in the combination of climate, ideal rich soil and the perfect attitude for achieving its evolution. Nurtured and handpicked by a plantation family who has been practicing sustainability and perfecting the process for over 170 years.”

August,  James Antonio Coffee

“James Antonio’s beans are then carefully identified and selected from the entire harvest. Then they are naturally sun-dried, only roasted when an order is received. Thus leaving you with much desired, balanced and distinctively smooth “Black Gold” James Antonio flavor.”

The Finer Details

Harvested 16-17 /03/17
Location North Valley, Los Santos de San Cristóbal Tarrazu Costa Rica
Altitude 6000 ft +
Variety SHB. 100% organically grown Caturra Honey

Website: www.jamesantonio.com

Yes, we were asked to write about this gourmet coffee but again, it was an easy sell. The flavour was unlike any cup of java either of us had tried in the past. We each could easily taste the different flavours of citrus; the aroma invited us back, sip after sip. And the best part? No bitter “after taste.” Imagining the breathtaking scenery of Costa Rica while you indulge in the complexity of this one of a kind brew is also encouraged.

Although this coffee is not our normal “cup of tea”; our BlogJam budget could not cover it, we sure did enjoy the experience. Normally, we drink our coffee with milk but none was required for this cup, it was that good.