Preserve Speaker: Jenna Morton

Finding Your Identity

The current trend toward branding yourself, rather than a quirky blog name, raises a lot of questions about how we define ourselves. So does the nature of social media in general. This session will ask participants to consider what they want to be known for, and why, and how their writing can help them achieve that.

Jenna Morton has always been a writer. She started a community newspaper at age nine. Requested a typewriter for her 12th birthday. Co-authored newspaper columns in junior high and high school. When she headed off to earn a journalism degree at the University of King’s College, no one was surprised. She has been a newspaper columnist and reporter, a magazine editor, a CBC reporter, host, and producer, and has been blogging since the days of Geocities at the turn of the century. She is the creator of Pickle Planet Moncton, a digital media company that has become the top source for information for parents in New Brunswick, incorporating a Rogers TV talk show, a podcast, three quarterly magazines, and the successful Pickle Planet website and social media channels.


Preserve Speaker: Rebecca Stanisic

Re-Purposing Your Blog Posts: Why Evergreen Content Matters

Creating quality content takes time, and effectively sharing, growing, and using that same content in creative ways with intention takes strategy. However, amplifying your existing content will ultimately save you time and still reach the audience you want to. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll be guided (with templates and worksheets) on how to use evergreen, pre-existing content in a variety of ways (some unexpected) and how to transform any of your blog posts (including new ones) into multiple content touch points to reach your audience on social media, in your newsletters, and in future blog posts. The ideas learned, and the templates used, can be replicated over and over again in the future. When attending, please have access to one or two of your existing blog posts (think about ones you have written and loved, best performers, etc) to use in the exercise. A printed copy of your blog post would be easiest.

Rebecca Stanisic is a writer, speaker, and digital content creator. She’s been blogging on her website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant, intentional digital content that converts for their own businesses. She’s the proud mom to two, living in Ottawa, and is fueled by fiction and coffee.


Preserve Speaker: Rebecca Wilson

Research Tools and Strategies for Fact-Based Blogging

Do you crave substance in your posts? Tired of stumbling across articles that are just endless cycles of the same information? In this session, we’ll look at some of the tools that researchers use that can be swiped by bloggers to help put together more informative, unique, and fact-based blog posts. We’ll brainstorm a blog post and research questions together to explore the process of pulling together information and presenting it to our audience. We’ll also talk about ethical sharing, reusing, and citing to keep you out of legal hot water! Attendees will receive a resource list and workflow template from this session.

Rebecca Wilson is a blogger, author, and business owner from Hubbards, N.S. After working as a university lecturer and researcher, she became an entrepreneur with the goal of finding creative fulfillment, and helping others to do the same. Rebecca is the owner of South Shore Sea Salt and The Lucky Sprout Studio, and teaches others how to start creative businesses through The Sprout School. She’s also an avid thrifter, painter, and moss expert!


Featured Workshop: Natalie Davison

The Rise of Conscious Content
(Because Superficial Doesn’t Work Anymore)

In 2019, with more content being produced than ever before, online audiences are constantly fed perfectionist aesthetics, larger than life materialism and “fairytale dreams-come-true-if-you-just-buy-this-product.” Brands and influencers can easily fall into a routine of delivering content that continues to perpetuate disconnection and operate at a superficial level. Or, they can choose meaning and depth by raising the consciousness of their content.

Natalie Davison is a brand therapist, marketing educator, loud feminist and the co-founder of Marrow Marketing. Her signature blend of wild optimism and bold candor paints a picture of what’s possible while simultaneously embracing what’s actually true — understanding that in 2019 brands cannot escape their own truths. Natalie believes that selling doesn’t work anymore and if you’ll have her, she’ll tell you all about it.