Preserve Speaker: Tisha Parker Kemp

10 Tell-Tale Signs of Rookie Presenters (and How to Avoid Them!)

You are the subject matter expert of your blog. Because of that, you are perfectly poised to share that body of knowledge from a stage so you reach more people with your message. Learn how to elevate your awesomeness and rock the podium, even if the podium hasn’t found you yet. Presentation skills can be learned by ‘trial and error’ or learned from the Masters; the latter will save time, reduce stress, and build confidence. Join Tisha as she shares some of the most impactful strategies for presenting like a BOSS!

Tisha Parker Kemp is a talent development executive and adult education professional with over 20 years’ experience in the end-to-end management of training programs, including 17 years in the online learning space. She inspires people to learn new skills using proven strategies and current and emerging research-based methodologies for teaching and learning. Tisha is the Founder of shiftED Academy Inc., a training and consulting organization helping subject matter experts elevate their awesomeness. She believes that having good presentation skills is the secret to pay increases, promotions, and powerful career shifts, so she helps people rock the podium, even if the podium hasn’t found them yet.


Preserve Speaker: Michelle Doucette

Flat Lay Photography Demo: Storytelling Through Photographs

There’s more to a flat lay than meets the eye! A picture is worth a thousand words and, when used effectively, photos can tell a complete and important story.  This session will reveal the secrets to crafting a visually enticing flat lay as well as how to communicate a deeper story or message through the use of photography.

Michelle Doucette is a visual storyteller. Focusing on food, lifestyle and portrait photography, she shares east coast stories of how people connect through local business and local food. The BlogJam Atlantic Team has welcomed her on board with open arms as our photographer and resident foodie.

Website: East Coast Food Stories

Preserve Wellness Session: Suzi Fevens

Social Stretch with Suzi

Join yoga and fitness instructor Suzi Fevens as she leads you through a gentle stretch you can do from your chair to help limber you up after a long day of sitting. While we stretch, we’ll talk about the importance of movement both for our physical health and mental health and how small amounts of movement really add up and can make a big impact in how you feel.

Suzi  is an award-winning fitness, yoga and Zumba instructor, wellness expert, podcaster, blogger and crazy cat lady from the Annapolis Valley. She’s been running her own business for over 10 years and has been blogging since 2010 (if you don’t count her Backstreet Boys Fan Site from the 90’s!). When she’s not working she can usually be found with her nose in a book, on her paddleboard or out looking for the best lattes in the Annapolis Valley (sometimes all three in the same day – but never all at once!).


Preserve Speaker: Kayla Short

Conquering Your Fears of Video

There’s no question video performs better than all other types of social media posts, but it’s also the most intimidating. Whether it’s overcoming being on camera, the sound of your own voice, or video editing: there’s plenty of obstacles that can hold you back! From live video, to Instagram stories, and previously recorded video we will work through it all in this highly-interactive hands-on session. With Kayla’s expertise you’ll get practical advice that you can implement into your social media strategies immediately, so you can amp up your social media with video right away.

Kayla Short is an award winning Canadian blogger, columnist, and TV personality. Trained as a teacher Kayla loves to inspire confidence in everything she does. As a full time blogger she’s worked with big and small brands alike. As a writer Kayla has contributed to Huffington Post, Fashion Magazine, Flare Magazine, and Profile Halifax to name a few. As a multi-faceted creative, Kayla loves documenting her adventures in food, fashion, beauty and travel with an ever informative lens. Kayla is also proud of her work as a seasoned guest expert for CTV, Global, and CBC. With a commitment to authentic growth she’s traveled from province to province sharing her extensive knowledge for social media, and online marketing. For her continued work and commitment for inspiring confidence, positivity, and kindness, Kayla was chosen as one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Canadians, and she’s been extremely humbled by her numerous awards from The Coast Reader Choice Awards for “Best Blogger” right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Preserve Speaker: Duane Jones

Exceptional Pressure

This session will discuss diversity and inclusion from the perspective of a Black immigrant with big goals. It will dig into the pressure one feels to be exceptional, what that means for quality of life, and the creative work that can emerge as a result of this. It will question our societal perception of where we are in diversity and inclusion and suggest how we can move forward.

Duane is the founder of a clothing brand called Art Pays Me, known for designs that comment on social justice and creative empowerment. He’s also host of a podcast with the same name that features interviews with creatives from diverse backgrounds who share their stories and advice. Duane does brand consulting under Glitterati Communications, and is Manager of Records and Information Management for the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine. To keep his creative muscles active, Duane makes art regularly and participates in gallery and or fashion exhibitions multiple times a year.


Preserve Speaker: Tara Jaskowiak

Keep Toss Create: Slowing Down to Speed Up

Creating space for reflection is priceless, especially when you are busy making decisions, taking chances, growing, and scaling your blog/business. Using the Keep/Toss/Create method, I’ll nudge you to be really intentional about what you want to accomplish and give you time to pause and plan it out. You’ll think about what you want to keep doing, what isn’t working for you, and finally what you want to do or create once you get home from the retreat.

Tara of Groundwork helps business owners find clarity and direction in their work and life. Through one-on-one or group coaching and workshops, Tara can help you organize, prioritize, and strategize to move your business forward. In this session Tara will share her Keep/Toss/Create method to nudge you to be really intentional about what you want to accomplish. Take this time to pause and plan it out so you can leave the retreat feeling motivated, organized and inspired to get things done.


Preserve Speaker: Jessie Harrold

From Blog to Book:  How to Unearth Your Inner Author & Share Your Message with the World

Join author and longtime blogger Jessie Harrold for an experiential workshop that will support you to bring your book dreams to life! Explore the message you have to share with the world, the pragmatics of what it takes to structure and write a book, and how to navigate the worlds of indie and traditional publishing. Whether you’ve got a first draft on your hard drive or you’re not even sure you want to write a book, this workshop will help you find clarity and courage in your next steps. Come prepared to brainstorm, bust some self-doubt, learn a lot, and have fun while you’re at it.

Jessie Harrold is a women’s mentor, coach, doula, and author of the book Project Body Love: my quest to love my body and the surprising truth I found instead. She holds degrees in Neuroscience and Health Promotion, and her qualitative, story-based research on women’s experiences navigating health and well-being has won multiple awards and been published internationally. Jessie has been blogging weekly for over seven years, and her writing has been featured in Explore Magazine, Mind Body Green, Inspired Coach Magazine, International Doula Magazine and countless other media outlets. Jessie lives in an oceanfront cottage in Eastern Canada where she raises her children and tends to her land.


Preserve Speaker: Tonya Darlington

Delegate & Breathe: Find the Courage to Ask for Help and Start Looking After You

With over twelve years of experience in executive assistant support roles, Tonya understands that managing a business, whether that be a large organization with a whole team or a home-based blog of one, requires support. Tonya also knows that we can better care for our business and ourselves when we find the courage to ask for help. In this session, Tonya will walk you through the steps needed to delegate and breathe. With her unique Task Tracker Tool, she will help you identify areas of your business that you can hand off, discuss how to find the support needed, and what this investment in you and your business can look like. She also will provide tips and tools for creating space to come up for air and start better looking after you (now that you have help in managing the daily details).

Tonya is a lover of all things “east coast” and is grateful to be managing two local businesses, a virtual assistant & consulting company as well as a driving School, from her Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia based home. She spends her days providing support and consultation to other dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to delegate their daily activities and start focusing more time on looking after themselves – an incredibly important piece for every successful business owner. Tonya also enjoys working on her “My Retreat Journey” passion project, walking the beaches with her dog Lucy, and planning her family’s next trip.


Preserve Speaker: Ashley MacInnis

Is Your Voice in Key?

Singers, voice actors, and announcers spend hours, days, months – heck, YEARS, working on and perfecting their voices through practice, trial, and error. What about writers? Establishing your brand voice is as important to writers and brands as singing in key is to Beyonce – and I think we can agree, Beyonce knows what’s up. Understanding that our written voice requires as much training and practice as singing our scales or arpeggios is key (PUN INTENDED) to establishing a strong and recognizable brand voice. Then there’s the added challenge of switching key to match the tune (SORRY – I can’t stop myself) of our clients’ through sponsored posts or advertising campaigns. Learn how to establish your brand voice – or maybe just hit a new note – to bring more of you to your writing.

Ashley is a marketing manager with a blogging habit. She’s been rocking the “mommy blogger” badge since her son’s birth in 2010, and has the propensity to get a little feisty from time to time. She’s a storyteller by nature and was recognized by the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Best Use of Social Media in 2015. When she’s not helping clients nail their branding and launch campaigns, Ashley can be found teaching cardio box classes, practicing Pilates, freezing her butt off in a hockey rink somewhere, singing in her car, or enjoying a beer with her partner and dog.


Preserve Speaker: Angela Harris

Creating Community to Make an Impact

Angela Harris, Founder of Work of Heart, will discuss how to build an engaged community and, more importantly, how to make a difference while doing it. She will cover the role of making real connections and of being vulnerable in the ever-changing world online. Angela will share stories of her experiences with people and businesses both online and offline as the Work of Heart community has grown. This will be a thought provoking workshop meant to help you reflect and to step outside your comfort zone. In the same way that Angela encourages people to follow their hearts, she will help you dig deep and to think about the impact you’d like to make in the world.

Connector, relationship builder and coach, Angela Harris is the award winning founder of Work of Heart, a business and movement created to empower and inspire people to be their best, to do their best and to live their best life. Angela started her career as an Athletic Trainer in the Canadian Football League, because of her passion for sports and partly because so many people told her she couldn’t do it as a female. Over the last 25 years, Angela has had the privilege to impact hundreds of athletes and people in pursuing their goals and dreams. Her mission in life is simply to make a difference…every day.