Featured Speaker: Jason Tremere

Find What Your Audience Wants with SEO

Google answers questions all day about what people are looking for on the web. Do you know what keywords they are using? Do you know how many people are looking for this content monthly? Do you know how competitive this topic is? This session will help you answer these questions using both free & paid tools. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part art and part science. When you shape your content around what your audience is looking for, there is a much better chance they will find you.



Jason Tremere is a “multi-passionate.” He’s a Website and Video Production Coordinator by day and Blogger at JasonTremere.com by night. Jason is an author published online on Amazon and in Chapters stores locally. He has been playing with SEO for years and discovered that achieving ranking on page 1 of Google is not that hard. All it takes is patience and the right tools. If you have the patience, he’ll show you how to use the tools.

Website: JasonTremere.com

Twitter: @JasonTremere

Featured Speaker: Chris Cloney

Explosion & Flame – Lessons Learned From Building a Blog Business While Completing a PhD

In this session, Chris will describe his journey from starting a website blogging about his academic research to launching a research company focused on reducing the impact of industrial fires and explosions around the world. Chris will cover what it looks like to truly be the first person in your niche online, why every graduate student and person with expertise should have a blog, how to build and monetize an online personal brand in a traditionally offline industry, and how to create a team to drive your business forward.



Dr. Chris Cloney recently completed his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at Dalhousie University. His focus was on industrial safety around fire and explosion prevention in industries handling powdered materials. Through blogging during his research, he was able to create a personal brand in his field and launch his own online company after graduation.

Website: www.myDustExplosionResearch.com

Instagram: @gradblogger

Twitter: @gradblogger


Featured Speaker: Crystal Richard

How to Successfully Run Your Dream Business While Travelling the World

This session is for content creators, bloggers, influencers, and dream chasers who want to see the world while building their empire and discover tips and tricks to creating and running your dream business from wherever you are in the world. Motivated by freedom and flexibility, Crystal chose entrepreneurship to create the life of her dreams, be a successful beach bum and travel as much as possible. At BlogJam, she’s excited to share her strategies and tools to run your business, blog, or side hustle from anywhere, including conferences, beaches or new continents. You will learn everything from how to effectively manage clients and brand expectations when you’re in a different time zone to how you can ACTUALLY feel like you’re on vacation while you’re traveling for business. Because, yes. It IS possible to be on vacation ON your workation. It’s time for less hustle, more siesta.



Crystal is the President of Crystal Richard & Co. a global digital PR consulting biz helping entrepreneurs and brands create and tell stories to attract a tribe of raving fans and the co-author of Get Covered! A highly successful beach bum, she’s the Content Creator behind travel + lifestyle blog East Coast Mermaid and the Founder of Sandy Toes, a coastal apparel line created in Atlantic Canada. She spends her summers island hopping across the East Coast and her winters living the digital nomad life in hot, salty, escapes as much as possible, all while running her companies from her current locale.

Website: www.eastcoastmermaid.com 

Facebook: Facebook.com/ECMermaid

Instagram: @crystal_catherine

Twitter: @crystalcrichard


Featured Speaker: Jennifer Naugler

How I went from BlogJam to Full-Time Blogger in 2 Years

Jennifer attended the first ever BlogJam armed with only a domain name and A LOT of questions! She left pumped up and inspired to hit publish on her blog shortly after. Two years later she was working full-time as a blogger (in a small rural market!) and hasn’t looked back. In this session Jennifer will show you the specific steps she took and provide key advice for how to be successful in the ever-crowded and always changing world of bloggers and influencers. She did it and so can you!



Jennifer Naugler is the owner and CEO of Simple Local Life, a media company celebrating life on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Recognizing the lack of a local voice talking about all the fantastic things happening where she lived, Jennifer started Simple Local Life in November of 2015. She blogged for a year…without any making any money…to see what the response was, and her own enthusiasm for it. At her one year anniversary, she committed to turning Simple Local Life into a business, started treating it like a job and began making money shortly after. By April 2017, she was blogging full-time. She works promoting local businesses and events through Facebook Live series, content creation, local gift guides and more. She has added 2-3 contributors in the last year and Simple Local Life is a trusted resource and influencer in her small, rural market. Simple Local Life has been featured and interviewed in LighthouseNow, The Sheldon Macleod Show and Weekend Gardener with Nikki Jabbour on NewsRadio 95.7 and has written for the Now Lunenburg County magazine. She has partnered with and been sponsored by Presidents Choice, Natrel, Mosher Motors Ford Ltd, Gow’s Home Hardware, Bridgewater Pharmasave, Wile’s Lake Farm Market, the Lahave River Credit Union and more. Jennifer sees huge potential for businesses in the online space and is happy to help them reach their market.

Website: www.simplelocallife.com

Facebook: facebook.com/Jensimplelocallife

Instagram: @simplelocallife

Twitter: @JennNaugler

Featured Speaker: Rémi Lefebvre

The Perspective of Balance

Learn to see the world through a new lens – a lens that cultivates efficiency, creativity, and productivity by identifying and destroying personal barriers (aka bad habits) to success. The Perspective of Balance is an energetic power-presentation that will help you take charge of your success and see things in a new light. Join Rémi as he identifies key stressors and shares proven ways of limiting how these stressors affect you and your professional output. Participants will leave this session equipped with the ability to ask the right questions, set goals, and carve out ideas on how to reach their true potential in an efficient way both at work and at home. Stop making excuses! Shift your perspective of balance and start amplifying your success, today!



Rémi is a classical pianist turned event producer and efficiency expert. His keen eye for patterns and ease in creating processes, workflows, and systems have helped him excel throughout his dynamic career. Currently, Rémi is the President of eSource Event Registration and a Senior Producer with ZedEvents great productions. He serves as Chair of the Board for the Schizophrenia Society of Nova Scotia and Chair of the Board for the NSRMTA Trust – a charity he helped found that provides financial support to classical music educators and students in Nova Scotia…he also has time for a handful of hobbies and still manages quality time with his husband (almost) every single night. Let’s hear how he makes it all possible!

Website: esourceevent.com

Facebook: facebook.com/esourceevent

Instagram: @remidlefebvre

Twitter: @esourceevent and @rdlefebvre

Featured Speakers: Madelaine Corke & Jennifer Gyuricska

Mindset and Marketing for Blog Success

Navigating the road towards success can be full of questions and second guessing — but real life examples can help to provide actionable advice to lead you down the best path. In this in-depth session, Jennifer & Madelaine will review three case studies to determine how mindset and marketing contributed to blogging success for others and translate those examples to help you with your own blogging and entrepreneurial endeavours.



Left: Madelaine Corke Right: Jennifer Gyuricska


Madelaine spent years climbing the corporate ladder and was miserable for it. These days, she’s happier and has more freedom having left the grind behind. Madelaine works with women on a deep, intimate level to help them launch a new business or structure an existing one in a way that supports the lifestyle they desire.

When Jennifer began to blog, she was new to the province and “wrote home” to deal with homesickness. The experience lead to the resources and confidence to start her own digital marketing agency, Prairie Telegraph.

Website: madelainecorke.com and www.prairietelegraph.com

Facebook: facebook.com/madelainecorke and facebook.com/prarietelegraph

Instagram: @madelaine.corke and @prarietelegrph

Featured Speaker: Rebecca Stanisic

Small Fish, Big Ocean – How to Stand Up and Stand Out in the Crowded Online Landscape

There are many bloggers, writers, content creators and influencers in Canada. On social media, we are constantly being shown a new story, meme, post or image that wants our attention. As a blogger, it can feel overwhelming in this big ocean. But being a small fish doesn’t have to limit your growth or success. There are ways to navigate these waters to achieve your goals (even without the biggest numbers out there). Forget buying followers, forget gimmicks – the key to success is all about dedication, creativity, authenticity and quality. And sometimes, a necessary change.

You can position yourself as a leader and expert with a voice people want to hear. This session will share tips to help make you a leader in the blogging community, how to pivot as needed, and how to really stand out no matter how big or small you feel your blog is. Because while the waters may be large, and sometimes rough, you just need to keep on swimming (on a goal oriented path).



Rebecca has been blogging on her website A Little Bit of Momsense since 2009. In addition, she is a freelance writer, creates and plans digital content and helps other bloggers and small business owners navigate social media to improve their own content messaging, engagement and results. Rebecca has two children, loves supporting local (both at home and when travelling) and is a member of the United Way Ottawa’s GenNext advisory committee. She can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand and is likely at this very moment thinking about a Star Wars or Marvel movie storyline.

Website: bitofmomsense.com

Facebook: facebook.com/bitofmomsense

Instagram: @bitofmomsense

Twitter: @bitofmomsense

Featured Speaker: Brittany Pickrem

How to Transform your Brand From Bland to Grand

If you have a business or a blog – you have a brand. But is your brand showing up in a way that supports your growth or sabotages it? In this session, you will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your current brand and identify key strategies on how to cultivate a competitive visual brand.



Brittany Pickrem is a brand expert and designer whose mission is to help business owners AMPLIFY their visual brand presence. It’s her passion to create great visual branding for businesses that do good things. With over a decade of experience, she has worked to build brands for a wide variety of customers from small businesses to international companies across North America.

Website: brittanypickrem.com

Facebook: facebook.com/brandingbybrittany

Instagram: @brandingbybrittany

Twitter: @brandingbybritt

Featured Speaker: Ruth Ann Swansburg

Who Are You? A Look Behind The Scenes

Let’s chat about the REAL person behind the blog (YOU) and how you can connect with your readers by revealing more about yourself. Most people see the public persona that is presented through a blog, on the radio, tv and through social media channels, but there is always more to the person behind the screen or outside the camera frame. Over the past few years, Ruth Ann has been sharing more of the real life moments and feelings in her day to day life, and the response from her readers has been both overwhelming and inspiring. In this session she will discuss how much and what to share. By completing a few exercises as a group, she hopes it will help you find the perfect balance for you as a content creator. Let’s Get To Know You!



Ruth Ann has become a household name in Moncton and beyond, as “the Moncton Coupon Lady.” Although these days, she is sharing more than just coupons! Since 2012, Ruth Ann has presented various seminars across Atlantic Canada and has developed & facilitated a 10 week program, entitled “Food For Thought,” in partnership with the Province of NB. She shares her passion for helping others through blogging real life family moments, teaching seminars and sharing weekly videos from her kitchen.

Website: www.everythingunscripted.com

Facebook: facebook.com/everythingunscripted

Instagram: @ruthunscripted

Twitter: @ruthunscripted

2018 Keynote Speaker: Julie Cole

Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She has helped her company bring their product to a worldwide market, gain media recognition, and win countless entrepreneur awards. Cole is a regular television contributor, a sought after speaker and emcee and a digital influencer and blogger.

With humour and practical tips, Julie Cole will share her entrepreneurial journey, her life as an influencer and as a mom of six. She will share how she and her company have stayed connected with their community thoughout the years.

Twitter: @JulieCole

Instagram: @Cole.Julie

Facebook: Mablehood 


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