Be a BlogJam Booster

BlogJam Booster Program – Tickets for Under-represented Groups and Unwaged Individuals

BlogJam is committed to being an accessible event. We hope to empower everyone to choose a ticket price that feels right for them.  

The Booster Sliding Scale:

1. Be a BlogJam Booster! are tickets for attendees who feel they have the financial stability or privilege to pay-it-forward and contribute $25 on top of their own standard ticket price to our Booster Ticket fund

2. Standard Tickets are for attendees who fall in the middle of our sliding scale and are choosing to invest in their learning and growth (Limited Early Bird Tickets Still Available)

3. Community Tickets are for attendees who self-select as members of underrepresented groups and/or low and unwaged individuals

Not sure where you fit on the scale? Here is a personal account that explains the spirit behind our sliding scale ticketing model:

“When I have the budget to attend BlogJam, I can purchase a Standard Ticket on the middle of the scale, which helps to cover the cost of the event. When I can afford the additional price of the “Be a BlogJam Booster” ticket, I know that that, by paying more, I’m helping to keep the event accessible for others in our community. When I don’t have the resources for the Standard Ticket price, I know that my community will still welcome my attendance with a Community Ticket.”

BlogJam Atlantic is your Community-Building Bloggers Conference and participants should feel comfortable choosing the ticket that works best for them. 

If you’d like to access a Community Ticket, please email and let us know. We will provide you with the details we need to register you for the conference. You don’t need to explain to us (or anybody) why you feel you’re from an under-represented group or explain your personal financial situation. You also don’t need to meet any specific criteria.

It will not be made public that you’ve claimed a Community Ticket. Only this year’s organizers will know who has claimed a Community Ticket and we will keep this information confidential.

Click here to get your ticket today!

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