About BlogJam Atlantic

The community of bloggers and digital influencers in Atlantic Canada is rich and diverse in subject matter, experience, and expertise.

Entering its fourth year, BlogJam 2018 is a fun, informative, and unique event for the region’s blogging community, including digital influencers, social media and marketing professionals, local businesses, and creative entrepreneurs. This two-day conference will be a hub where this community can come together to create, share, and engage! All topics related to blogging, supporting local businesses, and the social media community of Atlantic Canada, will shine in a positive, inclusive atmosphere.

Participant Experience 

The goal of BlogJam is to provide an opportunity for the bloggers of Atlantic Canada to engage with one another face-to-face and to share experiences and expertise related to blogging through meaningful dialogue. Participants of BlogJam will be active in this experience through knowledge exchange, which will be facilitated in a two-day event, including concurrent sessions, networking and workshop-style sessions.

Active participants of BlogJam will leave feeling enlightened and empowered to implement BlogJam-inspired ideas into their blogging experiences and related undertakings. 

BlogJam Commitments 

BlogJam is committed to ensuring that all participants feel welcome and safe to share and engage in this experience. Any suggestions for how to improve the organization of this event are welcomed and encouraged.

Commitment to Inclusion

  • BlogJam will do its best to accommodate any interested participants who are un/under employed, or for whom the registration fee is prohibitive, with our “BlogJam Boosters” registration option
  • The event will be hosted in a mobility-friendly, accessible space
  • Participants requiring additional support to attend the event will be accommodated as much as possible (support personnel, interpreters, printed material, etc.)

Commitment to Environment

  • Participants will be encouraged to bring reusable mugs  for water/coffee
  • Minimal paper handouts will be printed/distributed; instead, logistics will be posted online and/or in a central location for reference
  • The location is accessible by local transit
  • All registration is electronic

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