2018 Keynote Speaker: Vanessa Paesani

Changing Culture – One Story at a Time

Culture is one of those things that’s hard to put your finger on, though people can feel its impacts – at its simplest, it is how people interact with one another and the stories they tell themselves and each other. We can change culture by giving people tools to talk about it – to be intentional about what values are being amplified through our words and behaviours. Amplify’s mission is to hear the stories of women, in their own voices – one story at a time. Join Amplify’s creator and curator, Vanessa Paesani, to hear the story of why Amplify East was started and the lessons learned along the way. She can’t wait to connect with you and hear about your journey in blogging too!



Vanessa Paesani believes in a future where gender doesn’t restrict opportunity – for anyone. She launched Amplify East in early 2018 because she knows there isn’t a supply problem of remarkable women in Atlantic Canada – or really anywhere, for that matter. This blog-project is amplifying the stories of women because diverse and positive role models are critical to the stories we tell ourselves about what’s possible. She was recently invited to deliver a TEDx on the topic and is so looking forward to connecting with like-minded people at BlogJam Atlantic this year!

Website: www.AmplifyEast.com

Twitter: @AmplifyEast

Instagram: @AmplifyEast

Facebook: Facebook.com/amplifiedvoices

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