Featured Speaker: Jason Tremere

Find What Your Audience Wants with SEO

Google answers questions all day about what people are looking for on the web. Do you know what keywords they are using? Do you know how many people are looking for this content monthly? Do you know how competitive this topic is? This session will help you answer these questions using both free & paid tools. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part art and part science. When you shape your content around what your audience is looking for, there is a much better chance they will find you.



Jason Tremere is a “multi-passionate.” He’s a Website and Video Production Coordinator by day and Blogger at JasonTremere.com by night. Jason is an author published online on Amazon and in Chapters stores locally. He has been playing with SEO for years and discovered that achieving ranking on page 1 of Google is not that hard. All it takes is patience and the right tools. If you have the patience, he’ll show you how to use the tools.

Website: JasonTremere.com

Twitter: @JasonTremere

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Featured Speaker: Chris Cloney

Explosion & Flame – Lessons Learned From Building a Blog Business While Completing a PhD

In this session, Chris will describe his journey from starting a website blogging about his academic research to launching a research company focused on reducing the impact of industrial fires and explosions around the world. Chris will cover what it looks like to truly be the first person in your niche online, why every graduate student and person with expertise should have a blog, how to build and monetize an online personal brand in a traditionally offline industry, and how to create a team to drive your business forward.



Dr. Chris Cloney recently completed his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at Dalhousie University. His focus was on industrial safety around fire and explosion prevention in industries handling powdered materials. Through blogging during his research, he was able to create a personal brand in his field and launch his own online company after graduation.

Website: www.myDustExplosionResearch.com

Instagram: @gradblogger

Twitter: @gradblogger


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